This time next week we have our Christmas Party – it will be awesome!! All members old and new are welcome and please feel free to bring the Misses/Mr or a friend.
We are trying to get the box decorated so it is a bit more Christmasy so if any of you guys have any lights or decorations that you do not need and don’t mind loaning us that would be awesome. CC said he wants a “CC’s Grotto” where you can go and sit on his knee and tell him if you’ve been a good or naughty CrossFitter this year!!!

This is so funny and true and I think anyone who has a brother or sister can relate……..


Part A
Thruster 3-3-3

Part B
Partner WOD
6 rounds of:-
1 minute max Thrusters 40kg (30kg)
15 seconds rest
1 minute max Knees to Elbows

rest 45 seconds between rounds

While your partner is doing one of the exercises, you are on the other. The clock starts and you knock out as many repetitions at your station while your partner is getting as many reps at their station. After the first minute of work you have 15 seconds to switch stations with your partner and go for another full minute of max reps. Complete this for 6 full rounds.

Post loads for A and total number of reps for B to comments

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