In our Christmas party on the 22nd we will be announcing the RCFV Male and Female CrossFitter of the Year. Please submit your nominations in the box (beautifully made by Terri) on the reception desk.
Please bear in mind this award is not about best performance in competitions although this can be a factor – it can also be for someone who you admire for their dedication to perfecting a skill or slaying a goat. It can be for the member who is always there cheering on others or a relative new member who has made good progress. Whatever you do, don’t vote for CC as he has a #voteforcc campaign going on!!

Part A
10 Rounds For Time Of:
10 Pull-ups
15 Pushups

Part B
Front Squat

Post time and loads to comments


  1. 19.01 rx- press up are such a goat for me! Tried to concentrate on good form though. Front squat 100/110(pb)/105

  2. 10.22 110,120,120 not too good today. Like the A then B set up. gas then iron.

  3. Typo, squats were 110,120,110

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