Four Rounds For Time Of:
30 Press-ups
30 Ab Sit-ups
15 foot Rope climb, 3 ascents

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  1. DmxRonin

    9 seconds faster than Daf, that’s all that matters 😉 #myhero

  2. 12.11 as rx. I’ve one speed on sit-ups and that’s slow.

  3. Cherry picker

    15.44 1 rope climb per round

  4. Got destrominated by Si’s “slow” sit-ups at lunch wod yesterday. My “slow” push-ups trump your sit-ups any day Si.

    15:50 rx – push ups down to singles at the end

  5. djrob2003

    18:57 my first time doing rope climbs

  6. 19.27 rx rope climbs were not a problem today push ups were slow

  7. 17:58 2rcs per rd
    Push ups and press ups were slow! Especially after Monday!

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