Big congrats to our LTD qualifiers Banf, Fender, Carly and Terri. We are very proud of you guys and wish you luck at the LTD!!

Do CrossFit as one day you could look like this:

The CC


A) Front Squat
B) Push Press
C) Weighted Pull-up

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  1. Wow. What a specimen. No problem pouting in the middle of a 1000m row.

  2. I also love the ‘the’

    Big congrats and well done to the qualifiers! Looked a tough pool as well so awesome job. Gutted for some who didn’t get through.

  3. Congrats on qualifying guys, big effort.
    Front squat 70/80/90
    Push press 60/70/80
    Weighted pull ups 10/5/5

    CC is soooooooo hot right now

  4. I do like those abs, but I am not sure that Bud would appreciate that much facial hair.

  5. FS: 90/100/110F(3- Only managed it for 2 reps a couple of weeks ago so il take that)
    PP: 70/70/70
    PU: 12/14.5/14.5F(3 reps)

    Crossfits answer to Louie Spence with that pose and camp wrist action CC

  6. Congratulations to all that qualified, well done guys.
    Front Squat 80-90-100(4)
    Push press 70-80-85(4)
    Pull Ups 30-35-35

  7. Well done qualifiers xx

  8. Cherry picker

    Front squat 70/80/90×2
    Push press 60/70/80×2

  9. front squat 80-80-80
    Push press 70-80-70(80kg pb)
    weighted pull up 15-15-15
    nice strength session

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