What have you become Chissy???

Chissy using a period pad to help protect his ickle neck when squatting……

The RCFV coaches responses:

“Put it on the website and ask him if his vagina is sore….(sorry Terri)”

“Ha ha ha”

“That is one of the gayest things I have seen since Shaun Reed wore gloves (because he needs his hands for plastering)”

“Chissy is a serious pooosaayyy”

“He should immediately remove that beard as he simply is not manly enough to continue to sport such a fine beard”

Please RCFV community feel free to add your thoughts to comments…….


3 Rounds For Time
8 Deadlift 120/90kg
30 Double Unders
Straight into:
2 Rounds For Time
21 Wall Balls 9/7kg
21 Toes to Bar

Post time and abuse for Chissy to comments


  1. This picture and the comments are going up in work! I think our work colleagues need to see what he’s really like!

  2. I was disgusted to have been his workout partner at this low point of training, so much so I refused to spot him. Pusssaaaaayyy

  3. Maybe revoking his membership would solve this despicable behaviour.

  4. As a colleague and a fellow Crossfitter I am disgusted by this! I agree with Math,as punishment the beard should go, and only be allowed to sport it once again when he has proven his masculinity within the box!

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