10 Clean and Jerks 60/40kg
50 Double Unders
50 Situps
21 Thrusters 40/30kg
21 Pull Ups
10 Clean and Jerks 60/40kg

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  1. 11:32 rx those du’s slowin me down although 60 kg clean and jerk at the end was’nt exactly lightning quick :)

  2. 7:52
    Still can’t get DU’s so did 150 singles.
    Cleans felt good first round, heavy last round! Great to be back!

  3. 7:32 Rx

    Wrists not liking barbell work one bit, need to HTFU! Happy with unbroken thrusters though.

  4. 6.09…..messed up on weights…thought I had done rx till end when Teri asked why I chose to go lighter…..for some reason I weighted the bar up thinking it was a 20kg bar (even though I always use 15kg bar for this sort of thing) therefore only did 25kg for thruster instead of 30 and 35kg instead og 40kg…..gutted!!!! Deluded myself….my workout was one big lie!!!!!! :(

  5. 11.39ish i believe, at 60kg,40kg, 150 skips and jumping pull ups, need to work on pull ups!!

  6. 9.56 rx, really enjoyed it

  7. Cherry picker

    10. 52 Rx enjoyed

  8. 7.25 RX. Glad I had Carley to drag me along with her!

  9. 7:49 Rx
    Good old fashioned Crossfit Wod.

  10. 7.39 rx enjoyed that

  11. 8:15 @50kg. Tough on forearms.

  12. 9:56 rx chuffed to get under 10mins, great wod!

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