a) Establish a 1RM Bear Complex (just 1 rep of the DWF standard complex)

b) WOD

5 Rounds for time:
1 Bear Complex 60/40kg (normal bear complex standards)
400m run

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  1. Worked up to 40kg in 1rm, was a bit dubiouse about my technique particulary when bringing it down on the back of my neck…..40kg felt good so def going to go up next time now I feel a bit more confident about the whole movement! Loved the wod!!! Never done bear complex in a wod before……went 35kg! felt comfortable and was able to keep moving with this weight! 12 months ago I would have hated this!!! I would have gone balls out on the running and struggled with an empty bar…..now I am not so keen on the running and love the lifting….how things change!!! :) 19.40 I think!!!!

  2. 90kg dwf 1rm and 23 something on wod at 60kg.

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