Back Squat
Weighted Pull Up Rest 60 Sec

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  1. 100-110-120-130(new pb)-130-125-115 Back squat
    5-10-10-10-10-15-15 pull ups
    good stregth session this morning legs went completely after max and yesterdays wall ball/clean and jerk got some serious dom’s

  2. WOD Back Squat
    Bench press 5:5:5
    Weighted Pull Up Rest 60 Sec
    Great strength sesh with Dewi and his new belt!!

  3. Back squat 100 110 120 130 140(pb) 120 120- chuffed with new pb by 10kg
    Pull ups all with a 5kg plate and kept strict, great strength session

  4. 130-160kg on the squat, 20kg on the PUs but only did 5 sets cause I’m a wuss. Great fun at the box tonight. Working in London tomorrow so missing oly class again!!

  5. Back squat 110max!!
    And pull ups with small thin band under arm!

    After going RX on last few sessions, and this season i have decided i need to work on strength aspect of my training because this is my major weakness, so will be attempting to try and get in twice a day or earlier and doing some strength sessions around work out of the day!!

  6. 70-90-90-100-90-90-95 not done a lot of back squat so good to get a feel of what I can do. Maybe next time go a little heavier if I can improve my technique. Did the PU with a thin band. Enjoyed! :)

  7. Back squat. 70-90-90-100-90-95(f)-90. Bench 70-80-80.
    Great strength sash with Fieldy. Oooosssshhhhhh!!!!!

  8. Live laugh love x

    b/sqt 70-75-77.5-80-82.5 85 fail 85 fail
    pu’s 5kg 6 sets, 7th set only 2 reps

  9. Back Squat 100-110-115(PB)-120(f)-120(f)
    PU’s 20-25-30-30-35(2)
    Happy with a PB but still need to go a lot higher.
    Baby steps!

  10. 70-75-80-85-90-92.5(f)-90(f) gave up then!!
    Pull ups with 5kg and a lot of uncoordinated swinging around!

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