Christmas Party/CC Leaving Do Saturday 22nd December 2012
In case people didn’t see yesterday and also because I forgot that the party on 22nd is also to incorporate CC’s leaving do (how could I forget…. Maybe I am just trying to block that awful day from my mind).
We plan to have a hog roast at the box on Saturday 22nd December from 6:30pm with the plan being to have a few beers and then maybe head into uplands/stay drinking at the box. As a thank you for the help we had at DWF we will lay on the pig and get some beers in. If those attending could bring some more of their favourite tipple along with them then that would be great. We will put a list on the whiteboard for you to put your name down if you’re coming so we can get a rough idea on numbers.

RCFV Kitchen
Please could we ask that you only use the RCFV kitchen if you are really desperate for water. If you could all bring your own water/use the taps in the toilets/vending machine for drinking water/filling protein shakes that would be great.

This is for a couple of reasons:
1) The kitchen tap has been left running a few times recently with one of the times resulting in a flood through the kitchen wall and under the sofa.
2) Increasing member numbers mixing protein shakes is creating a bit of a mess which isn’t getting cleared up.

As I say, we don’t want to blanket ban the kitchen area but if you could minimise use that would be great thanks.


a)3 x 10 Front Squat
b)3 rounds not for time, max effort without dropping or letting go of the bar perform:
1 Muscle clean 50/30kg
1 Push Press
2 MC
2 PP
3 MC
3 PP etc
When athlete lets go or drops the bar that’s their score e.g. 5 Muscles Cleans, 3 Push Press

Post loads and number of reps to comments.


  1. I was somewhat saddened reading yesterday’s post Jaffa. However this post has brought warmth to my heart. Gunna be an amazing night!

  2. I’ll be there. 100kg, 110kg, 100kg then 5-4 rounds on the cleans n push.

  3. enjoyed this morning; 50kg,55kg, 57.5kg, then 6.4/6.1/4.1 major forearm burn by end

  4. 60kg, 66kg, 67.5kg for front squats

    Then for Muscle clean 5, 4.3cleans, 4. 3press

  5. Great idea for the Xmas do!
    Eating a hog for time!!! Defo rx that! My kind of wod!!!

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