Christmas Party Saturday 22nd December 2012
We plan to have a hog roast at the box on Saturday 22nd December from 6:30pm with the plan being to have a few beers and then maybe head into uplands/stay drinking at the box. As a thank you for the help we had at DWF we will lay on the pig and get some beers in. If those attending could bring some more of their favourite tipple along with them then that would be great. We will put a list on the whiteboard for you to put your name down if you’re coming so we can get a rough idea on numbers.

Daf Morris has secured an order with Progenex for supplements so if you are interested in buying some, please email him on dafyddmorris@yahoo.com

For time:
30 Hang Power Cleans 80/60kg
50 Alternating Pistols
30 Burpee Pull Ups

Post times to comments.


  1. Cherry picker

    Gutted not going to be able to make the Christmas party as ill be in whistler skiing :)

    13 .15 70 kg banded pistols

    Chuffed as that is 46 seconds quicker than in August :)

  2. 11:56 Rx
    Pb by 1:06 so happy days.

  3. Wod 9:16 @40kg/blue band pistols – chuffed my elbow allowed me to do anything.
    Chuffed I could move my legs after the 3 minute squat wod to start

  4. 10.17 with green band pistols.

    After wod 1 London as well , I think over the next few days, walking will be overrated !

  5. 9.18 40kg, rx pistols and pull ups.
    Should have used 45kg prob but chuffed with the time.
    I’ll be at the crimbo do :)

  6. 14.32 60kg/ banded pistols as can only do them on my right leg!

  7. 12:27 35kg and banded pistols cos my legs stopped working after the 3 min back squat. Walking is a challenge today!

  8. Didn’t time it but good wod, nice weighty cleans

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