Please take a look at the picture below. The ring on the left is how you should set up and leave the rings, the ring on the right is how you should not. The one on the right has the buckle right against the wooden ring. Not only does this tear your arms up but it ruins the ring as the friction chips and splinters the rings making them rough to the touch. These rings are the Rolls Royce of rings and so please treat them with respect so we can make our gear last! The ring should always be like the one on the left – once you have set the height for yourself bunch up the excess strap and use the velcro holder to keep it in place. Then slide the buckle up as far away as possible from the ring. If you are not sure how to do this ask a RCFV coach as they are forever having to do it!! Thank you!!

1) Establish 3 RM Thruster

2)5 Rounds For Time
10 TTB
30 DU’s
200m run pinch grip with plates 5/10kg

Post load and time to comments


  1. Not to make light of the situation but there is nothing worse than having your ring scratched!
    If anyone wants Progenex please read yesterday’s comments and get in touch ASAP.
    Thank you please!

  2. My bad I think they were my rings, I did tie them up, but as I swing with such velocity and power they’ve come loose with out me realising. So make sure they are tied up after you use them as well.

  3. 85 kg 3 rm thruster
    16.32 (scaled to kte) the double unders are slowing me down took ages to do my 5 sets of 30. Daf is the progenex still from matt? because last time i ordered it was £40?

  4. 15:42 (scaled single skips) used 10kg plate for 2 runs 5kg plate for 3 runs

  5. way too high to be mine! II

  6. Gouge, tax has gone up.

    And also I don’t think they were my rings… I retract my comment.

  7. 15:14. ttb and du went well. Struggled with my grip on the run! Rounds 2,3,4,5 decided against the pinch grip. ! Good wod though.

  8. 13:39 rx enjoyed it! Dewi I was watching u holding the plates through the middle!!

    5rm 65kgs
    3rm 70kgs
    First time proper benching!!

  9. That’s what I wrote ! Decided against pinch grip on rounds 2,3,4,5

  10. Bollocks!

    Reading this post a day too late, I left a pair of rings at a stupid height last night (Friday)

  11. Drink milk, less tax, probably healthier. did a mainsite/muscle up Annie combo with coach CC and the FendMachine, 20 odd mins.

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