Est a 2RM Snatch

4×5 Pendlay Row (Heavy But Perfect)
3×8 Jumping Good Mornings (Heavy But Perfect)
3×10 Weighted GHD Sit Ups
3 Min AMRAP Wall Walks

Post loads for each movement and reps of wall walks to comments.


  1. went 60kg on Pendaly row after two sets at 50kg(was trying to get the form right)
    40kg on jumping good mornings (hamstrings tight on this after this weeks wods)
    10kg plate on GHD to just below horizontal
    9 wall walks (should have got the last one in for 10 but did’nt quite make it in time)

  2. 70kg row
    60kg jumping good mornings
    Ghd sit ups (horizontal , first time) 3×10
    12 wall walks

  3. 40kg to start on the Pendlay Rows. Worked up to 60kg

    Jumping GoodMornings @40kg

    GHD Max Reps

    16 wall walks in 3 mins.

  4. Good Wod last night.
    60kg Pendlay Rows
    40kg JGM
    GHD 27,27,16
    17 wall walks.

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  5. 70kg rows
    60kg jumping good mornings
    Horizontal ghd ( first time)
    12 wall walks

  6. Worked up to 80kg pendlay rows, 40kg jgm, 30,23,18 max rep ghds and 11 wall walks.

  7. Can’t make tonight. Did a wod in school hall!
    8:57 rx new pb (by 7 mins!!! Ewwsh!)

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