Then 5 Sets ME Ring Dips 60 sec rest

Post time and reps to comments


  1. 3.36rx grace was ok today ring dips were hard though band).7tb

  2. 3:02 RX
    15unbroken to start, then I had a coughing fit! 100%takin sub 3 next time!
    Dips 10/10/7/5/10 last round with thin band coz they got rather messy!

  3. 2.24 rx previous PB was 3.10. More than happy with that after doing the London throwdown wod before.

    Legs were fried!

  4. 2.05 rx

    2.24 last time so getting quicker , sub 2 next time hopefully

  5. 3.33 rx. First time I have done this, definitely had more in the tank. Sub 3 next time

  6. Cherry picker

    3.50 Rx thought that was ok till I read everyone else’s times :(

    Still a PB by 40 seconds :)

  7. Never done grace before. 2:42 as rx – bit crap really. Still got this odd chest pain.

  8. 2.57rx for grace.
    11,10,8,8,8 with thin band. Big fat 0 without a band!

  9. 4.10 rx , disappointed.

  10. Bit ashamed to put my time here tbh! First time I’ve rx it 5:01. Tremendous effort guys with all the pbs!

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