As you may have noticed guys, we have some more new equipment. I love new equipment! There are some new Rogue Olympic Men’s bars as well as 5 new Rogue Olympic Women’s bars (a new bar holder for these will be here tomorrow, they are at the back of the box on one of the platforms at the moment). For those of you unsure, the Women’s bars are 15kg and have a 25mm bar diameter (good for the ladies with smaller hands (and Nicky ‘Beadle’ Jones). Please feel free to use them all in WODs. The only bars that we ask you to use only for dedicated Olympic lifting are the 3 men’s Pendlay bars stored on the gun rack at the back of the box.

There are also weighted belts to use for dips/pull ups and a Rogue sled which Terri and CC kindly trialled for us yesterday. “An excellent workout, I felt a massive burn in my quadriceps” was what CC said about the sled. Again, please feel free to use these bits of equipment in open gyms or when programmed in WODs. Just be mindful of parked/moving cars when using the sled in the car park.

18 min AMRAP
11 Hang Power Snatch (35kg/25kg),
11 Burpees,
11 Thrusters (35kg/25kg),
11 Pull Ups
On the 11th min pause for 1 full minute before carrying on.

We shall remember them.

Post rounds and reps to comments.


  1. Haha! I had an excellent bicep pump on after the sleds… Nothing in quads at all.

  2. 4 rounds, and 6 thrusters… Rx

    Pukey becoming to regular for my liking!

  3. 4 rounds and 10 pull ups…….1 pull up less than 5…..gutted….should have pushed more at end!!!!! Hands very sore……gloves gona b needed to wash hair….ouch!!!!!

  4. 4 rounds 6 thrusters Rx.

    Savage on my lungs!

  5. A hungover 4 rounds!

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