Thank you to EVERYONE who helped at DWF. I am also really proud of our teams performances!!
We will hold a Hog Roast at the box sometime before Christmas and the pig and beer is on us as a thank you!

For Time:
Bumper plate GTOH
7 Burpees
30 DU

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  1. Great weekend loved it roll on next year :)

    18:50 with 20kg and single (90) skips :)

  2. 11:03 rx would take burpees over pull ups any day!

  3. After such a fab weekend who fancies entering London??? There are scaled wods aswell so even if peeps just wana have an idea where abouts they are!!! top 150 fellas and top 100 woman get in and pretty sure the masters is 40+!!! How cool would it be if we got a few of us through!!!! Let’s take RCFV to London!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  4. 18.30 ish with single skips.

    But more importantly def up for a few beers before xmas!!!!!!

  5. 18:15 single skips, need to get working on the double Unders!!!!!

  6. 13.31 rx. Big thanks to Gi for pushing me through it

  7. 12:24 Rx
    DU’s went to shit for the last few rounds which really slowed me up, but I guess that was the aim.

  8. Gutted i wasbusy this weekend wilclear the schedule next year
    19.47rx du really slowed me down on this need to be able to link them without single skips inbetween practice practice practice

  9. great weekend. Matt and Jaff you deserve a huge congrats. professional and polished throughout. I honestly cant wait for next year, gonna up the training and hope to make the team again.the competitive environment at the box in recent weeks has been superb. cheesy but, I’m really going to miss Des and CC, thanks for having me on your team. the rest of you were alright too :)

    • Monsieur Gi

      10:31 rx.

      I echo Si on this. Great weekend. The comp was very professional. Great to see the level of other boxes and what we can aim for. Team 2 sorry guys for letting you down. We will be back: stronger / faster / prettier (just in case next year it goes on Eurosport HD) obviously if I made the team again.

      Des & CC you don’t have to go. There is nothing out there, trust me that’s why I came here.

    • Cheers bud, it was an honour to bleed with you on the pistol battlefield.

  10. Wod time awful, doms big style, but I will master du’s!

    Awesome weekend, the effort by everyone involved was outstanding.It even inspired my wife to rejoin, and then subsequently thrash me in this wod.

    Beers ? Yes.
    London ? Done. ( old farts category )
    Next year ? Hell yeah !

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