Probably the 2nd most functional lift next to the squat – pick stuff up!!!

Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5

Post loads to comments and make sure your deadlift does not look like this:

Should be closer to this:


  1. 140-150-160-165-175(3)
    Should have started heavier. Only 5 kg off my 1RM from On-ramp so quite happy!

  2. 120-120-120-130-130 (think i could have started on 130) chuffed to hit my 1 rep max from about 5 months ago.
    Enjoyed tezza’s 5min amrap finisher :) 24 kg kb with simmo hit 116 reps between us knackered!

  3. 130-140-150-155-160 (fail)

  4. Monsieur Gi

    110-130-140-130-130. Still watching my back and my form.

    Kb @ 24kg with Rob. We hit 140 (70 reps each)

  5. Stayed light to work on tekkers tonight! Hate deads with a passion!

    Off topic but what’s the score with volunteers and purchasing spectator tickets?

  6. worked my way up to 100kg today – no back issues – woohoo

    Several pb’s in the classes tonight. You guys should be posting your own pb’s as it really does help the coaches to see your progress.

    I hope I get these right and I know I will miss some.

    Lynda – pb’d by 10kg from 1RM of 65kg to 5 reps at 75kg
    Inga – pb’d from on -ramp 1RM of 60 kg to 5 at 75kg
    Jo – pb’d for 5 @70kg

  7. DmxRonin


    Very happy with that, time for my one rep max to move up by at least 10kg on next attempt.

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