For Time:
Strict Pull Ups
Hang Power Cleans 80/60 kg
Box Jumps 30/24in

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  1. 11:48 or 11:46 Tezza can u confirm please!?
    70kg hang clean (wrist was real sore after yest)
    Box Jumps (24″ plus 20kg and 10kg thick plates)
    Pull ups with slight kipp on some reps!

    Great atmosphere this morning again!!

  2. 11:48 Simmo

    10:23 pu/box rx, 50kg hpc with lots of vocalization…mooooo

  3. Couple of firsts today. 6:30am class! And Strict Pull Ups rx in a WOD.

    11.19/11.29/11.39?? One of them I think! RX

  4. that wod was brilliant, good n’ heavy, for me at least. watching those beasts compete on sat said to me to win you need to be strong, being body weight fast doesn’t give you enough advantage. Get strong gang. Don’t really care what my time was just happy to do over body weight hang cleans. More heavy stuff please!

    • Have to disagree with you on that Si! for me at least, I can handle the majority of heavy stuff but today like so often it’s the body weight stuff that I struggle with.. And it i make the worst sex faces when I’m doing them!

  5. Monsieur Gi

    12:29 rx. I took it as a good strength work out. I haven’t lift heavy weight for a while. Not a great time though but happy with it though.

  6. Alan Pugh

    10.11 with 60kg (started with 80kg but it wasnt happening!) and 9/6/3/3 pull ups. Nothing felt good today, should have gone with 70kg. Need to work on strict pull ups. Good wod though

  7. I def agree wiv Si….I actually enjoyed this wod even though very tough and challenging……..did 55kg which is only 5kg under my body weight so happy with that as never done that in a wod before…..my strict pull ups were stupidly slow……think everyone was on their 9’s wen I was still trying to get through my 12’s!!!! Glad I managed that weight though….hopefully be tackling body weight cleans in wods soon!!!! :) Took a lovely tumble over the box…nice bruise…ouch!!!

  8. 12.08 @ 55kg

  9. 13 mins Give or take. Went 70kg on the cleans and it felt heavy. I too took this WOD as a strength type workout and so didn’t worry too much for time. Strict pull ups felt good and I upscaled the box using 33inchs.

  10. 10:02 @ 35kg

    Felt really tired so scaled PU numbers to 7-6-4-3
    Wimped out and went 20″ box cos I was feeling the squat session from the day before….did do an extra 3 reps though because I lost concentration.

    Coffee needed I think!

  11. 9:41 (i think). 60kg HC. Really need to work on HC. Agree with Si on the heavy stuff. Agree with S.O.B with the body weight stuff. Thats the diversity of Crossfit!

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