6:30am class times for you to chase

1. Establish 5RM Bench Press

2. 5 x 400m run on 3 minutes

Post 5RM and times for runs to comments


  1. I hate hate hate hate running !!!
    Roughly about 1.33 each run think worse time was 1:37 and 80k for 5 tough wod for me but good vibe this morning :)

  2. Actually just seen terri pic lowest time was 1:40 tough for me

  3. 100kg on bench 4 +1 assissted (last weeks 3rm was 100kg too maybe could of gone 105kg last week)
    Hate running but good apart from bloody lorry;)
    1.38,1.31,1.32,1.34,1.34 pretty consistent

  4. keirono

    1.22, 1.23, 1.25, 1.26,1.27 pleased to stay around 1.25, but that bloody hill hits me
    every time!!
    5rm was 80kg!! chest tight with before starting and stupidly long leavers!!”

  5. Another great am session. Darkness and Lorry-dodging the theme of the morning.

    Really glad Leights showed up to help me through this one Still can’t beat a sleep-deprived-just off night shift armed wonder!

    5RM 52.5kg

    Tough, tough go this morning.

  6. 5 reps @80kg.
    3 @82.5kg. Didn’t do the run. Maybe next time!
    105kg 1rm back squat. Pb for me so happy with that.

  7. Alan Pugh

    90kg bench- prob should have gone 95 for next time. Run times are on the board I think they were 1.25, 1.26, 1.29, 1.36, 1.29

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