RCFV ladies please share this with your friends who are scared of coming to train with us as they think they will become bulky. RCFV men your welcome……

If you have a spare 30 mins sit down and watch this – be warned you will want to train after watching.

1. Back Squat – Work to a 5 Rep Max
2. “Gwen”
15 – 12- 9 Reps of Power Clean and Jerks (max load)
Rest as needed between sets

Post 5RM and load for Gwen to comments


  1. Monsieur Gi

    Back squat 100kg for 5

    Gwen @ 60Kg.
    Jaff gave me my last rep on the 12. Technically I fell so it shouldn’t count it.

  2. glenphillips

    Back Squat 5 Rep Max – 100kg (matched my 1RM PB)

    15@45kg, 12@40kg, 9@40kg. Comfortable on the 9, should have gone back up to 45kg – the ’12’ was a killer!

  3. Nice couple wod’s today. Should av’ gone heavier on Gwen wod. Went 50kg for the 15-12-9. Noted down for next time!

  4. Terrible morning at the office this morning.
    Back was so tight I probably shouldn’t have gone however I managed 90kg for 5 which I was happy with.
    Did 1 rep of Gwen and had to call it a day. Literally couldn’t pick the bar off the floor. Gutted.

  5. Still going easy on my back:
    worked up to 65kg on squats but only did 2’s
    Gwen @ 35kg -it wasn’t easy – long way to go.

  6. Same boat as Daf…..very bad day!!! Back not been right since those heave deadlifts the other week….every time a sguat with a heavy weight my muscles go into spasm and tightens up really badly!! tried yeast as thought it was better…..did 5@70kg but back went!!!! gutted :( going for physio in the week so hopefully a few sessions it will be all ok….or I could be joining tezza’s camp!!!!!!!!

  7. Monsieur Gi

    Hero WOD Adrian
    Good work out this morning. Good battle with Des who beat me by 1s
    Rx 14:00

  8. Cool video, Fredrick seems like a bit of a dick… Annie should leave him.

    Guessing they didn’t film Lacee because of the crossgym t-shirt?

  9. Live laugh love x

    Should not of watched that video so late in the evening, I feel the need to get my hands on a bar!!
    Can’t wait till the morning now.
    Back squat 65kg for 5 on sat.
    Monday did squats again and got 67.5kg for 5 comfortably.
    Gwen @40kg enjoyed

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