Problems Logging In

I checked our users for this site and we have just under 140 but only a handful ever post to comments!! I am aware of a problem that effects all WordPress based sites that use a Facebook log in plug in that prevents the normal (non Facebook) registration process happening. You register but never get your password sent – 2 ways around this:
1) If you have tried to reg but not had a password email me and I will manually set up a user account for you.
2) I disable the Facebook plugin which means you will all be able to register normally but those that use a Facebook login will no longer be able to and will have register again.

Let me know!! via email, twitter @rcfvelocity or on our FB page.


  1. Matt I hope you don’t take this the wrong way and I know you are busy with the DWF games but it is getting increasingly less reliable that the Wod will be posted in time to record a time etc.
    I used to religiously post my times/rounds but tonight for example I can’t as the Wod has not been posted.
    I don’t know if anyone else can post the workouts whilst you are otherwise occupied but without them there is not a lot we can do.
    Love crossfit!

    • Matthew

      Not at all Daf – my main problem at the moment is that I can no longer post from our school computers and so I have to wait until usually a lunchtime to post from my phone. Increasingly in the last few weeks my lunch hours have been taken up with “school stuff” and so I have been late posting. When I get in from school I usually don’t get time to get onto the laptop until the boys have gone to bed around about now – hence the posts going up now. This coupled with the insane amount of stuff I am trying to sort for DWF means the post times are a bit erratic to say the least at present. I can only apologise and assure you that if/when I get to run the gym full-time things will be much different and posts will be super early. On the flip side guys like yourself are awesome as you post religiously but sometimes I get a post up at 8:30am and there are 1 or no comments on it at all that day and the effort and time to do it seems a waste.

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