1. Establish 3RM bench press

2. 2 x 3 min AMRAP’s with 5 min rest
6 double kettle bell thrusters (32/24kg)
2 rope climbs

Post 3RM and rounds for each AMRAP to comments


  1. Absolutely awesome class this morning – lots of energy and not too much chaos for 6:30 am. Think we set a record in attendance. It was a little tough getting myself psyched to do this one after everyone had gone home.

    3rm bench 55kg

    2 rounds + one rope climb @12kg on each AMRAP tried 16’s but couldn’t keep them stable overhead.

  2. 3rm 100kg bench
    2rd’s + 6kb thrusters @20kg
    2rd’s + 6kb thrusters @20kg
    enjoyed this the morning nothing better than a bit of rope climbing before school 😉 (sorry for being dull with the counter’s terri!)

  3. Brilliant this morning great vibe and busy busy :)

  4. 110 on the bench, failed 115 (2)

    AMRAP with 24kg

    2 rounds 6 reps each time

  5. 2rounds 6thrusters

    2rounds 3thrusters


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