I am there!! Who scored some tickets??


A) Establish a 1RM OHS
B) AMRAP 10 Mins
Run 300m
30 Sit Ups

Post load and time to comments


  1. Me and Tor are in!! Phil is in with Penny I think. Evo snatched 4 tickets so there’s gonna be a good RCFVelocity crowd heading to London. Can’t wait!!

  2. Yeah grabbed 4 I knew someone would want a piece of that :)

  3. GUTTED! Just realised I’m in a surf comp the same weekend. Matt, when booking tickets for DWF12 do I register them in the other persons name or mine?

  4. gutted missed out…all gone!!! :(

  5. OHS is a massive goat for me. Don’t think I’ve ever tried to get a 1RPM before but I know I’ve never done more than 25kg so well chuffed with 35 kg…could’ve tried for more too if I hadn’t run out of time.
    AMRAP – rowed instead of ran because of my foot. 3rds and 15 situps. Tasty!

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