DWF Final Rankings


CC – 16 Points
Des – 16 Points
Si – 17 Points
Fender – 21 Points
Banf – 21 Points
Gi 21 Points
Wilf – 23 Points
Rhod – 26 Points
Leights – 31 Points
SOB – 33 Points
Dewi – 37 Points
Martin – 38 Points


Carley – 7 Points
Kelly – 9 Points
Lauren – 10 Points
Penny – 14 Points


  1. I think everyone will join me in thanking Matthew for giving up so much time for all of us over the last two weekends, cheers dude.

  2. Indeed. A great effort to all the competitors too. I can’t wait to see everyone at the games being cheered on by the RCFVelocity members.

  3. Yup! Cheers Matt, what does this mean though?!

  4. Good work guys great effort by all 😉

  5. those numbers are confusing. you cant look at that as team a and team b. its actually two strong teams. spreading the skill and strengths between the two would be a better bet?

  6. Thanx bro :) great buzz today in the box looking forward to my rest days now

  7. thanks Matt by the way!! enjoyed the internal comp!

  8. Well done to all that competed,two strong teams for sure.
    Thanks to Matt for his two days of hard work.
    Get after it Team!

  9. CC – not sure. I guess I will go with what ever the top 8 want. The boys who are tied on 21 can decide.
    I think that both teams are the strongest we have ever had. The scoring was based on overall position after each event. So in theory you could have finished 3rd in all events but won overall. This is aimed at rewarding the most “CrossFit”. I think the workouts tested every aspect with perhaps the exception of a really long effort. But as this time domain will not be in DWF I left it out.
    It was a pleasure to watch how far you have all developed over the years, you got through A LOT of work!!

  10. i think it was awesome, lets do it every/other month!!???

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