How good does this look?


5 Rounds For Max Reps

Post reps per round to comments


  1. Total of 74 HSPU Rx. Managed 13 in the first round moving up to 15 then 18. Then dropped to 15 then finally 13. Practice Handstand Walk for remainder of time. Enjoyed. Took advantage of the extra time to work on shoulder mobility which helped alot.

  2. 40 rep total! 7-7-9-7-10(2 abmats)
    Quite happy considering I couldn’t do 1 3-4 weeks ago!
    Need to work on initial push so I can go RX!

  3. 24 total 5-5-5-4-5 (2 abmats) and burst blood vessels in head looked like some kind of weird disease.

  4. 110 rx reps total. Not sure on each round. First 2 rounds were 28 and 22.

  5. 23,23,15,20,20 rushed it a bit

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