Great read Keeping You Gym Environment Strong – I would like to think we have pretty good mojo maybe a 7 or 8 but I would love us to get up to a 10. I have trained in those types of gyms and the atmosphere and environment just pushes you to new levels. So have a read and think about it next time you train.

AMRAP 15 Mins
4 Pull Ups
6 DBell Thruster 20/10kg

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  1. Very interesting article to read with a very important message!!!

  2. Great read!! Might put this up in the changing rooms for my 1st XV!

  3. 10 rds + 4 pull ups (1abmat + thin! 15kg bumper)
    Happy with that! Those dumbbell thrusters came round and got heavy fast!!

  4. Live laugh love x

    11 rds (2 abmats) sweaty

  5. 14 rounds 2 reps

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