Make you want to snatch and C&J ?

For Time:
2 Rounds of
10 C&J 60/40kg
10 Power Snatch 60/40kg
Straight into:
AbMat Sit Ups

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  1. flipflop

    9.30 @50kg
    Awsome buzz this morning with so many new faces :-)

  2. Live laugh love x

    8.38 @ 35kg single skips, Du’s gone on holiday!

  3. 10:45 rx snatches were ugly!

    Think a few people who piped up on that “fitness debate” on FB should take a look at that video!

  4. I agree with you Sean! may be we could share it on their wall??? :O

  5. TomColl

    sick video, love that shit

  6. 11:02 struggled with snatch very frustrating! slowed me right down! Enjoyed the wod tho cheers Teza for the guidance.

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