Heads up for Bank Holiday weekend opening hours.

Saturday 25th Aug: Normal opening

Sunday 26th Aug: Normal opening

Monday 27th Aug: Open gym 9:00am, WOD Class 10:00am only.

WOD – Some Friday teamwork to kick off the weekend!

Partner WOD

AMRAP 12 Minutes

Partner 1 runs 400m.  In that time partner 2 performs max rope climbs. Once partner 1 is back from the 400m run they tag partner 2 who then runs 400m whilst partner 1 does max rope climbs. 

Post number of rope climbs in the 12 minutes to comments.


  1. Me and Wilf this morning:
    35 rope climbs.

  2. 12. Solo

    Matt having some Matt time while I did my best.

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