Heads up for Bank Holiday weekend opening hours.

Saturday 25th Aug: Normal opening

Sunday 26th Aug: Normal opening

Monday 27th Aug: Open gym 9:00am, WOD Class 10:00am only.

Excellent turn out and effort from the 6:30am class this morning.  Come and get your early morning WOD done. Some good times on the whiteboard for the afternoon/evening classes to chase down. 


For Time:

Row 300m

20 Push Press 60/40kg

Row 300m

15 Push Press

Row 300m

10 Push Press

Row 300m

5 Push Press

Post time to comments.


  1. 8:36 @ 40kg.

  2. 8.30 rx… Feels like I did that yesterday it was so early 😉

  3. DmxRonin

    7:33 @50kg.

    Excellent performance from Lee this morning!

  4. 11.32rx in work for me. Slow but there was minimal pain from the shoulder finally!

    Dread to think what sort of time you could get if it wasnt first thing in the morning Nicky!

  5. 9:45 @50kgs

  6. flipflop

    9.16 @50kg

  7. Andy Burns

    9:35 or 9:37 @ 50kg

  8. Live laugh love x

    9.36 @ 30kg never wod with a full tummy. struggled bad on this

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