Heads up for Bank Holiday weekend opening hours.

Saturday 25th Aug: Normal opening

Sunday 26th Aug: Normal opening

Monday 27th Aug: Open gym 9:00am, WOD Class 10:00am only.


4 Rounds for time:

Run 400m

25 GHD Sit Ups

Post time to comments.


  1. DmxRonin

    10:31 Rx.

    Most GHDs I have done in a WOD.

  2. 12.46 rx. Happyish with that, GHDs got hard

  3. 13:49 15ghd 10abmat sit ups per round
    2nd time I’ve done a wod with ghds. Need to sort that leg snap out!

  4. 12:18Rx
    2nd proper wod with GHDs in, the cycle home was disgusting. ha

  5. flipflop

    14.40 15 full rom ghds per round , first time I’ve done full ghds so happy with that .

    Think I’m going to struggle to walk for a few days tho :(

  6. 15:42 had to reduce ROM in GHDs to parallel after a while – found them a real struggle…more practice required. Abs in bits today!

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