Great outdoor WOD yesterday on Swansea Bay.  Thanks to all those who turned up in the rain which actually held off for a while during the workout.


For time:

30 Hang Power Cleans 80/60kg

50 Pistols (alternating legs)

30 Burpee Pull Ups

Post times to comments.


  1. 13:33 @70kgs with banded pistols
    First time I’ve done pistols in a wod. Found right leg easier than left?? Right sweat on!! Cheers to SOB getting me to the end!
    Gutted missed outdoor wod yesterday. Would love to see more over the remainder of the summer!

  2. 13:02 Rx

  3. Live laugh love x

    used 5kg plate for pistols, 2nd time ive ever done them
    sweaty! :-)

  4. flipflop

    14.01 27@70kg 3@60kg shrug just gave up
    Banded pistols
    Felt much better tonight after having a cleaner diet for a week

  5. 11:46 with banded pistols, massive goat. Have known ye are for ages just did nothing about it! Regret that!

    No worries Fieldy I enjoyed!

    P.s Daf will you stop it!! Flying ATM!! Great time!

  6. DmxRonin

    18:27 Rx.

    Thanks to CC for cheering me on and getting me to take on 80kg HPC.

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