Due to the summer holidays there is no Olympic Lifting Class tonight and also next Thursday (the 5:30pm class will just be a normal class).

6:30am classes have now become really well attended and the various classes/open gym sessions during the weekdays seem to be providing flexibility to our members’ training.  If you haven’t already, get down to an ‘early bird’ class to see for yourself.  Click on the schedule link on our website for full details of all our sessions.


For Time:

50-35-20 reps of:
Wall balls 9/7kg

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  1. DmxRonin

    16:45 Rx

    Make sure you stretch out those lats people or prepare yourself for the worst DOMS of your life!

  2. loving the schedule with all the different opportunites to train, esp now Im off can make the most of it!!!!! glad I dragged myself out of bed this morning…..a tough one to wake up to both mentally and physically!!!!! Scaled pull ups 35;20;10; glad I did as felt I completed them at a better quality than I would have Rx! Felt like I was using my hips more than usual which helped!!! still need a lot of work in order to string a good few together!!!!!!!!! :O

  3. flipflop

    22.21 20-15-10 pullups I think wasn’t in a good place when I finished , it’s def time to improve my diet again as I’m struggling at the mo

  4. 20:07 rx really went at it tonight! Pretty chuffed with the time too. Really enjoying crossfit at the mo. I complain daily about the aches and DOMS as do we all. However, we always come back! and the moment we step through that door it go time again! Love it!

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