We had a last minute request to enter a couple of teams of three into a ‘friendly’ comp at cf365 in llandarcy today. It starts at 9:00ish and will go on until 2:00pm if any one is around to support the guys. It is part of the ospreys and swans open day.


For time:

80/50kg Clean & jerk, 10 reps

Sprint 100m
15 foot Rope climb, 7 ascents
Sprint 100m
80/50kg Clean & jerk, 1 rep

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  1. Nice to do a WOD with the class even though I have to change things up.

    5:28 subbed 50kg bench for the c/j

  2. 7:57
    C+J @70kgs
    4 rope climbs
    Possibly could of done more rope climbs. Last clean was ugly!

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