Behind The Neck Split Jerk 10×1 Heavy But Perfect

5 Rounds For Time
7 Squat Clean 80/50kg
8 Burpee Box Jumps 30/24in

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  1. enjoyed oly…..feeling a bit more confident in punching out with that bar…..worked at a low weight as wanted to concentrate on the speed under the bar.
    Wod 15.20 rx! didnt think I had it in me to 50kg and was gona play it safe at 40kg!!!! really glad I pushed myself for the 50kg!!!! Up there with one of the most satisfying wods to be completed!!! Thanks again Matthew for the encouragement in going Rx!!!!! :)

  2. flipflop

    Enjoyed that tonight
    12.46 @60kg 27″ burpee box stepup

  3. good wod today first time ive useds a box instead of the plates and did full burpees instead of starting on my knees, gave it my all. good atmosphere in the box aswell really pleased

  4. 16ish I think at 60kg. Having some serious
    Trouble with my shoulder at the minute but it is on its way to being sorted. 60kg squat cleans 30″ burpee box jumps.

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