For Time:
21 Back Squat 100/70kg
42 GHD Sit Ups
15 Back Squat
30 GHD
9 Back Squat
18 GHD

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  1. Fieldy

    10:21 @ 80kgs
    Did 10 ghds per round and the rest on an abmat split legged sit ups! First wod ive done with ghds. Need to sort my leg snap out! Cheers Teza for shouting me on and for the advice/guidance

  2. 13:48. 60kg squat. Stil a goat

  3. 9.27rx my kind of wod :)

  4. 15:55 RX
    Need some work on my GHD’s (leg snap too) but generally quite happy with how they went!

  5. 15:55 RX
    Need some work on the leg snap too, but that’s the first time i’ve done that amount of GHD’s.
    Pretty happy with it all in all!

  6. 9:42 @ 20kgs + 10 GHD’s
    Good wod enjoyed it. backsquats much better at the end, could feel back was straighter, weight felt lighter at the end than at the beginning. 10 GHDS per round also felt good, will increase next time.

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