Ok guys today was the start of 3 days of HELL – the programming over the next 2 days will see you hit some long and horrible WODS that will be a really good test of your mental capacity as well as your physical capacity.
Normally I would not programme 3 WODS of this nature in succession but every now and then it is important to do something unexpected and see how you deal with the “curve ball”. If you make it through the next 2 days you have done pretty well!
Tomorrow we will be celebrating Terri’s 50th birthday and so it is only right that we hit the “Filthy Fifty” so lets have a big turnout to honour the birthday girl and then watch some O-Lifting.


Run 800m
30 KB Swings 32/2kg
30 PU

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  1. this is great…..bring on the pain!!!!!!!! :)

  2. Andy Burns

    EVA 45.37 with 28kg and half PU’s …. Goal by Christmas to do this RX within 50 minutes

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