For Time:

30 GHD Sit Up
30 Deadlift 100/70kg
30 DU
30 OHS 40/30kg
30 Pull Ups

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  1. Leights

    9.51 rx

    Ohs killed me !

  2. DmxRonin

    6:41 Rx.

    Thanks to Carly for pushing me hard. First time I’ve done unbroken DUs in weeks.

  3. 8.58 rx! thanks Des too for pushing me along!!!!!!! good WOD :)(although my DU’s were shit tonight!!! :(

  4. Andy Burns

    14.37 – 15 DU’s … went to a dark dark place. Cheers to Frew for shouting me out of it!!

  5. 12:16 with 50kg dead and 20kg OHS. Certainly woke me up! Thanks for the help with the deads Terri.

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