AMRAP 9 Mins

3 Muscle Ups
6 Thrusters 60/40kg

Post rounds to comments


  1. Leights

    5 rounds , heavy thrusters , but glad to rx.

  2. Hard in lunchtime heat! 5 rounds (scaled!) x

  3. 6rds & 1 thruster @30kg with MU transitions

    Hot and heavy but enjoyed. Thanks for the loan Terri, I would’ve passed out if I’d had to do that in a tshirt!

  4. Fieldy

    6 rds + 1 thruster @ 50kgs
    Scaled mu’s to standing pull ups then strict push from dip
    Starting to take a real interest in mu’s need to get on it!!

  5. 7 rds 2MU’s @40kg
    I can confirm a week of all inclusive will slow you up a bit. Much easier lying on a sunbed!

  6. 7rounds 2 thrusters @40kg and muscle up transitions……find those muscle up trans pretty technical :O

  7. djrob2003

    8 rounds
    on the bars muscle ups
    25k thrusters :)

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