AMRAP 20mins
5 Thrusters 40/30kg
7 Hang Power Clean

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  1. Back starting to feel better so gave this a cautious go in open gym Friday. Took the time to set my back and practice good form on every rep

    11 rounds + 4 thrusters @25kg

    After 4 weeks sure felt good to feel that forearm burn once again.

    Back still happy Sat morning … knock on wood it stays that way!

  2. Look out Tezza’s back in town!
    It’s going to kill me coming back after a week of all inclusive.

  3. flipflop

    Did this in open gym sat morning

    8 rnds 5 sdhp brutal Rx

  4. 6 rds & 5 cleans @25kg. SDHP really took me by surprise, harder than I expected.

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