Warm Up

Burgner Warm Up



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  1. 2:49 scaled to 12kg

  2. I’m gutted that I couldn’t get to the gym session – looking at the clip it takes me back at least 30 years! You all looked very professional – except when you were hitting each other over the head with the foam!!!

  3. Love watching this video!!! seeing everyone having so much fun and larking around reminds us what a good fun community we have in RCFV!!!!! (even though I was petrified in even doing a forward roll!!!!) :)

  4. Andy Burns

    4.53 @ 50kg @ 6:30am … Was my first AM WOD, may be my last!!

  5. Fieldy

    Great video guys! Looked an awesome place and you all seemed to enjoy! (except Frew) Loved the flips into the foam think I prob would of done a massive CAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNOOOONNNNNBAAAAAALLLL!
    No wod today rest day/got kids. Looks good may do i’n open gym.

  6. Mrs Mush

    Awesome vid Matt, it was like being back in school, but loads better. 😀 really enjoyed 😀

  7. Live laugh love x

    Short & sweet. 35kg 3:01mins

  8. flipflop

    4.20 @ 50 kg happy ish but should have been quicker

  9. Andy Burns

    Si & Gi’s bromance was amazing in this video

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