Yesterday was fun!! I have a video I am working on but in the meantime……
Ladies and Gentlemen I give you “The Bush Wacker”

Warm Up

DU Skill Work
Dish to Arch x 15


AMRAP 11 Mins:
22 DU
11 Pull Ups

Post rounds to comments


  1. DmxRonin

    For those too young or too old to have watched WWF back in 90s

  2. Ha ha just watched that 4 times in a row ha ha so funny. Rhod you beaut!

  3. Brilliant rhod son brilliant :)

  4. x 5 at first morning WOD – interesting so early in the morning – thanks Terri for the advice re pull ups

  5. Fieldy

    Great work Rhod! Matt u could earn £250 on you’ve been framed! Haha
    6 rds + 1 pull up RX

  6. Andy Burns

    6 + 1 @ 5 DU’s + 8 PU’s … First time doing DU’s in a WOD

  7. scottdavey

    10 rds plus 12 du rx, so gutted i had to work instead of the gymnastic workshop

  8. 7rnds 26skips doing 50singles and a few DU’s thrown in each round! Serious GOAT!

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