Gymnastics workshop today!! Meet at the box at 3:15pm if your not sure where it is!!

Great event!!

Great treatment!!

Great bodies!!

Great athlete – watch at the end Lipson lays down a challenge to CC!!

Great WOD:


My recommendation is you get warm and then spend some time mobilising – target your lower back before this WOD as I can tell you from experience after that first 2 mile run and set of squat cleans it locks up big time. Get a hockey ball / foam roller and a box put one leg up on the box to get the hip in flexion and then find that “spot” with the ball and work it!!

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  1. Leights

    43.33 Rx

  2. Live laugh love x

    7 sqt cleans @ 40
    Rest @ 35
    Brilliant wod

  3. flipflop

    52.01 ouch 40 kg squat cleans rest rx (got my own 20 kg built in weighted vest )

  4. Fieldy

    44:50 @ 40kgs what a blower! Took 3 laps for the legs to loosen up on the 2nd 2miles! Enjoyed it! Great effort guys! Cheers to tezza and meg for cheering us on!

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