Gymnastics workshop this Sunday – remember to bring your £10 and we will pay at the facility. Weather forcast is shit – so we will not have a BBQ but just go with what people feel like. We could head out for a bite to eat – I am pretty keen to get back to the box and watch the final day of the games so you are welcome to join us. Please come down for food / beer and watch the games even if you do not come to the gymnastics – this offer is also open to this months On Ramp crew -it would be great to introduce you to some of the members.

Yes!! How cool? Not the O-Course I bust my toe on but still awesome.

Warm Up

Burgener Warm Up



Snatch 5×3 @75%
Clean & Jerk 5×3 @75%

For Time:
1 Mile Run
5 Rope Climbs
200m Walking Lunge
5 Rope Climbs
1 Mile Run

Post loads / time to comments


  1. Andy Burns

    40kg in C & J
    29.03 in WOD

  2. DmxRonin

    23:57 Rx.

    Never been so soaking during a WOD, 200m of lunges sucked but were kind of fun at the same time (we were all moaning!).

  3. Did this in work today! Des, I totally agree, lunges were horrific!
    3 rope climbs an 2 rope climbs in 23:55!

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