Warm Up

2 Rounds of Half Helen at about 60%

Couch Stretch 4 x 30sec each leg


For Time:
32 Power Cleans 80/50kg
Partition reps as needed

Post time to comments


  1. simmo

    6:55 70kg lost form on 1or2 but should have gone to 80kg really.
    Need to get confident with kick into wall but managed 32 HSPU’s facing the wall!

  2. 11:38 Rx
    Glad I went Rx but a bit gutted the last HSPU took me over a minute to complete.
    Was blowing out my ass though – needed the cheering on. Cheers guys!

  3. Fieldy

    8:58 @ 70kgs Hspus (1 abmat + thin 10kgs bumper)
    Chuffed I pushed myself to 70 kgs and a little lower on the hspus. Cheers Daf for pushing me although your language was a little ‘choice’! haha

  4. Good wod this. Thanks matthew for suggesting i up the weight for cleans. Didn’t break them up. 32 cleans @65kg and then 32 hspu. 5:51.

  5. Andy Burns

    6:19 –> 70kg & 2 Ab mats … Need some work on the catch part of the clean

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