If CROSSGYM Win CrossFit lose!

There is a simple and overriding issue that is looming on the horizon for every single one of us that has invested our heart and soul into CrossFit – European affiliate owners I am talking to you.
I know we as affiliate owners are even more touched and as a consequence invested in CrossFit than any of the committed souls that enter our boxes everyday and chalk up their hands ready to do battle.
We are the ones that went that extra mile and opened up a place “where everyone knows your name and are always glad you came”. I personally opened my affiliate and taught my first class the day after my wife gave birth to our twin boys. I will say that again the day after my wife gave birth to our twin boys. I have at times allowed my love for CrossFit and what we stand for to almost drive a wedge between the 3 people in my life that I love the most. My wife being the person and mother she is has allowed me to continue to pursue the one thing in my life that defines me. It is for this reason that I am fiercely protective of something I have worked hard to be a part of and will fight to continue to be involved in the evolution CrossFit.
CrossGym threaten this by trying to destroy the CrossFit affiliate system in Europe. If CrossGym are successful many of those late night arguments and much of the sacrifice my family has made to enable me to involved in CrossFit will be in vain. We will be faced with a such a dilution of what we love it does not bear thinking about.
Can you imagine the Globo Gym down the road from your box being allowed to advertise CrossFit classes when not one of their “coaches” carries a CrossFit CF-L1 credential. Those same people that openly mock our methodology and whole ethos would happily use the name to make money.
If CrossGym win their legal battle this is the stark reality that we as European affiliate owners will be faced with.

My grandfather once told me that there are two kinds of people in the world: 
Those who work and fight for what they believe in and those who take the credit regardless of what they have put in.  He told me to try to be in the first group; there was less competition there.
We cannot allow this to happen.

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