Looks like the paintball date clashes with lots of peoples hectic social calenders so we will put it on ice and maybe shoot for that Bank Holiday weekend in August?
Awesome to see so many PB’s on Nasty Girls last night. Is it a coincidence that most came from regular attendees to the O-Class? Great work guys – who would have thought that improved technique makes you more efficient!

Warm Up

3 Rounds of Cindy



In Pairs 20 Min AMRAP
10 GTOH 50/30kg
10 Burpee Over Box Jumps 24/20in

One partner works at a time and must complete a full round before switching.

Post rounds to comments.


  1. Leights

    No friends to play with so, 10 min Amrap.
    7 gtoh, 7 burpee box jumps.
    But fxxked up and used a 20″ box.
    5 rds , and 7 gtoh.

  2. Fieldy

    9rds + 10 gtoh with Caitlin and Hannah going together. Best and only 3 some I’ve ever had! Really tough wod burpee box jumps are the devil!

  3. Live laugh love x

    Partner- the incredible Lynda :-)
    9 rounds 9 GTOH
    managed 5 rounds 30kg with over the box jumps

  4. scottdavey

    team scott and dewi 11rds plus 7 gtoh rx
    sweaty one

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