Warm Up

Row 750m
20 Press Ups
20 3-Count Air Squats


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“Nasty Girls”

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Did you go HAM?


  1. 10:34 @ 35kg cleans and transitions with band for MU

    Heaviest I’ve gone with cleans in a WOD before so chuffed with that. :)

  2. Leights

    9am Class.

    Subbed 25 ghd sit ups for muscle ups as my triceps are still fried.

  3. simmo

    12:42 60kg hang cleans and transitions. Much happier with transitions this week.

  4. First time in the box in 10 weeks. I’m here for a long time not a good time.

    11.27. 50kg, should have gone to 60. Need to be pushed. Enjoyed.

    • Matthew

      Good to have you back Bevs!! 10 weeks is it really that long?? Fair play for getting back into it after such a break!!

  5. 11:51 Rx
    PB by over a minute and a half from six weeks ago so gotta be happy with that!

  6. Had to sub the MUs for 25 GHDs same as Leights as this double shoulder niggle is still brealing my balls!


  7. Live laugh love x

    8:46 40kg, Trans MU’s today.
    11:03 40kg on 15th May

  8. flipflop

    8.30 60 kg hpc transition muscle ups

    Was really chuffed with that as it took me 11.24 6 weeks ago, the 60 kg hpc felt comfortable tonight which shows that all the work we have been doing on the cleans lately is really paying off :-)

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