Warm Up

Group Dynamic Warm Up Using Angie Movements




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  1. Leights

    20.18 rx

    Need to work on my push ups.

  2. 19:55 with pull ups and press ups scaled. Good wake up call :)

  3. gocalf

    20:20 with 50 pull ups 50 push ups 100 sit ups 100 squats good times 😉

  4. Mrs Mush

    Oh my god wtf was that??? 100 of each, pull ups with band and press ups from the knee. 24:34

    Think I might have arms like T-Rex tomorrow. All good stuff though.

  5. Fieldy

    19:43 50 pull up’s 50 press up’s
    Enjoyed it! Full 100 next time for all.
    Great effort from Daf, Phil and Hannah!

  6. DmxRonin

    That totally mashed me!
    19:39 Rx.

    Pull Ups

  7. 19:48 with 50 pullups

    What a way to start the day! Ewwwwsh!!

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