Am I right in thinking no one wants to go paint balling on Sat 21st of July? Only Penny, Tom H and Tom C have “signed up”. Please reply to comments or email info@cfvelocity.com I would like to make the booking tomorrow. Thanks.

Warm Up

Gymnastic Skills
2 Rounds
Dish to Arch x 10
Headstand x 10 secs
L-Sit Hang x 10 secs
Front Support to Back Support x 10


3 Position Clean
Not Heavy Focus On Perfect Technique

WOD Class
15 min Clock OTMEM
5 Press 0-4min
5 Push Press 5-9min
5 Push Jerk 10-14min

Post loads to comments


  1. Leights

    Sorry Matt ,
    Will struggle to make any time in July / Aug due to work commitments.

  2. DmxRonin

    I hit roughly 60-70% of my 1RM for each lift.

    Got heavy quick, push press are probably the worst as shoulders fatigued, the dip on the push jerk is a god send by the 10th minute.

    I honestly thought I would do 50 (10kg below my 5RM), 60, 70kg respectively, what a shock to the system that was! Forget how little shoulder stamina I have. Your mechanics are really tested with p.p.

  3. I’m away on the 21st Sorry.

  4. can’t make 21st either!!!!! but I would be a bit scared of paint balling anyway I think!!!!!!!!!!!! :O

  5. 50kg press.
    55kg push press.
    60kg push jerk.
    Enjoyed this wod. Managed all unbroken within 15 sec of every minute. Felt comfortable. Will increase weight slightly next time!

  6. Would love to come but with the way my shoulder is behaving at the minute i will not be attending, sorry guys……Hope you have a wicked day out!!

  7. gocalf

    60kg press, 60 kg push press, 50kg Push jerk(really have to work on push jerk form)

  8. scottdavey

    not gonna be able to make paintballing due to having to bloody work, gutted

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