Slight change to the daily post from now on. We had a great RCFV coaches meeting yesterday and discussed a number of issues that were raised by you guys via Vic. We will get the feedback out to you via this site soon. One thing we are going to implement straight away is a daily prescribed warm up and mobility exercise. It will sometimes be coach led but more often than not be your responsibility. This is a perfect way make use of time if you attend a class and the previous class has run over slightly.
The coaches can then dive straight into the skill portion safe in the knowledge that you are warmed up and mobilized. The daily mobility exercise will come from KStar’s MWOD site and we will play it on the flatscreen above the sign in desk for you to see what needs to be done. Prepare to journey into the pain cave!

Head over to the RCFV forum for info on the next day out!!

Warm Up
3 Rounds
Run 200m
10 Box Jumps
10 Kettlebell Swings



20min Running Clock
0-2mins – AMRAP DU
2-18mins – Even Min 7 Power Clean 60/40kg Odd Min 7 KB Swing 32/24kg
18-20mins – Surprise

Post score (total time to finish) to comments


  1. Just read the forum. All over paintballing!

  2. Really enjoyed tonight. Good Wod and a great atmosphere in the box.
    Great to lift shit until you are blowing out your ass and then try and do a skill.
    Bit disappointed with my first 2 mins of DU’s but happy with the second.

    19:41 Rx. 110 DU’s

  3. Fieldy

    20:24 86 dus and 50kgs cleans. Chuffed with the dus should of done more really. The cleans technique is slowly improving too. Enjoyed the warm up and mobility wod. Defo makes a difference when starting a wod

  4. Leights

    Great Wod …. 71 DU 19.35

  5. 201 DU’s 22:07 for wod, RX

    Chuffed with double unders, went the whole 2 mins unbroken.

  6. flipflop

    Really enjoyed the energy in the box tonight and loved the new format of warmup I think that will work well :-)
    Only managed 50 du in first 2 mins but had my lifting shoes on which didnt help rest was rx finished it in 19..20 minus the oly shoes

  7. really enjoyed this wod, felt I was able to work hard keeping the intensity up. Did 209 DU’s so happy with that! On a conversation earlier about the importance in mastering technique I decided to do 35kg for the first 4 power cleans then went up to 40kg. Had just as hard a workout on the 35kg as I was able to do them all fast. Felt powerful and was able to think about my technique on the 35kg, this strategy worked well for me as when I went up to 40kg I was able to carry the same form and intensity on!!! Am def going to start focussing on tech and if I feel my form is getting messy I’m not going to be afraid in dropping the weight as I really want to improve my technique in order to progress!!! I was shattered last night after this WOD, so this proved that doing 35kg for the first 4 gave me just as tough a workout!!!! :)

  8. Loved the workout :) enjoyed having the rest in between .
    Rx 110 double unders

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