I would love for you guys to take 30 mins to watch part 1 of this “What is CrossFit” lecture from Coach. Those of you that have done your Level 1’s will have heard this lecture and maybe those that are really into studying what you do at RCFV may have read about this. If you have not this may help some of you understand exactly why we programme the way we do.
If you still think you need to do “strength days” on top of your RCFV CrossFit programming you are misunderstanding the programme! Invest in perfecting technique, work your weaknesses and build towards being able to complete workouts RX’d with the correct blend of technique and intensity. Thinking you can take a short cut by working “Strength” in a bid to get better at CrossFit simply will not work. Look at Jaffa – he does not follow any special strength programmes he follows RCFV programming. When a heavy day rolls around he goes at it and has nothing left in tank by the end of the session – doing a “quick metcon” would be the last thing he would want to do. When a metcon is programmed he works hard and does not do a “quick strength session” before or after and recently he has started to work his weaknesses and is now turning them into strengths. My point being RCFV programming WORKS – he is regularly PB’ing metcons and last week pulled a MASSIVE 220kg deadlift FOR 3!!! That is a former 1 rep max for a triple!! That is just with RCFV programming. Trying to work strength is pointless when you need to perfect how you move first (think are you always too high in your squat, or your knees cave in, or you cannot do a perfect push jerk)
Anyway I will post part 2 tomorrow.

For Time:
Run 500m
5 Rope Ascents
Run 400m
4 Rope Ascents
Run 300m
3 Rope Ascents
Run 200m
2 Rope Ascents
Run 100m
1 Rope Ascent

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  1. Leights

    13.26 rx

  2. Couldnt agree more. From a background in rugby, being pushed into heavy lifting with little, poor or no direction, coming to Crossfit has proved to me that there are good coaches out there!
    6weeks in and i’m hooked on perfecting technique and chasing RX in as many WODs as possible.
    Retiring from rugby meant I lost all competition, but I finally have something to chase and work at, with no emphasis on the “old school” strength workouts!
    Crossfit is a way of life not a workout!

  3. gocalf

    15:36 scaled as rope climbs have been identified as a massive GOAT, did 2-1.5-1-1-0.5 for each round. got to put some of my old rugby socks in my wod bag(cheers skins for lending me a sock this morning).
    Agreeing with sim above as an ex-rugby player it is great to have training that I look forward to. Also the technique coaching is awesome as have been doing things wrong for years.(hard to break out of those habits now:)

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